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Meredith is well qualified to be your next Surrogate’s Court Judge. She graduated from Cornell University and Cornell Law School. After graduating law school in 1996, she entered private practice. Since 2003, Meredith has worked as an attorney in Kings County Surrogate’s Court. In that role she conducts trials and hearings, performs research and drafts decisions for review. Meredith presides over settlement conferences, advises the judge on the law and makes recommendations regarding resolution of matters that come before the court.




Meredith Jones’ journey from Wingate High School to prestigious Cornell Law School is an accomplishment we can all admire and appreciate. As a young woman growing up in Brooklyn she decided to reach high. Hard work and perseverance, along with the encouragement and opportunities our community provided, has resulted in her reaching a top attorney position in the Kings County Surrogate’s Court. Meredith Jones is a member of the Christian Cultural Center (CCC) in Brooklyn. Meredith knows that being part of her church community keeps her connected and grounded. Meredith is currently a Court Attorney-Referee in Kings County Surrogate’s Court. This means she won’t need any on the job training, and will be ready on day one! In her present position she advises one of the current Surrogates on complex legal issues and manages a large caseload of estate litigation proceedings. Meredith Jones is grateful and knows it’s time to do even more for the community. That’s why Meredith is running for Judge of the Surrogate’s Court.

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As a fellow Brooklynite, Meredith is active in the community fighting for us all.


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June 25TH

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